Security Simplified: Zebra Portable Safe

A Zebra Portable Safe (ZPS) keeps your files and folders encrypted using the gold standard for the secure exchange of information. This means your files are more secure than even your banking transactions. At Zebra Digital Assets, we’ve made it consumer-ready with no passwords or encryption keys to enter.

You can send a ZPS file by email, instant message, cloud-share, USB drive or any other method of data sharing you already use. This allows you to have copies on your computer, server, backup drive, cloud-storage, web service or CD-ROM. ZPS will protect them all.

When you receive a ZPS file for the first time, there are no passwords to enter or websites to logon. ZPS allows your files to travel safely anywhere, across business boundaries, and beyond trusted hosts/clouds.

Strong and secure, simple to use.

Trust the Cloud?

Zebra offers a truly secure way to store your data in the cloud. No one else can gain access to your data without your permission. Not even us!

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Remote Control

Every ZPS file comes with a remote control. Now you can switch off someone’s access even after sharing your files, or losing your files offline… like a lost USB drive.

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Collaborate without Clutter

Create, protect, share and collaborate on any type of file, anywhere. Without fuss and without a zillion versions being emailed back and forth.

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