Can you trust your data to The Cloud? With Zebra you can

As we move to store more information, and ever more sensitive data in the cloud, it’s important that we question the security of that information. Despite the best efforts of many cloud vendors your data is at risk from accidental security breaches, honest mistakes, determined hackers, and even rogue insiders. Relying on the default security measures of cloud storage sites isn’t enough.

That’s why we designed the Zebra Portable Safe (ZPS). It provides complete security for your files and folders from the moment you add them to a ZPS, to the moment you choose to delete them. Your keys are controlled by you, and remain with you, so no-one, not even our system designers can access your files. This innovative design keeps your ZPS files secure on Zebra Digital Assets’ Neutral Cloud. Now you can simply create and share your files, while the ZPS system manages the complexity under the hood.

Protecting your information is our business, but your information is none of our business!

Security Simplified

No compromise on security. No passwords to remember or websites to visit. You simply grant access to your files and Zebra handles the rest.

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Remote Control

Every ZPS file comes with a remote control. Now you can switch off someone’s access even after sharing your files, or losing your files offline… like a lost USB drive.

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Collaborate without Clutter

Create, protect, share and collaborate on any type of file, anywhere. Without fuss and without a zillion versions being emailed back and forth.

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