The Cloud Re-Imagined

Have you watched larger, more tech-savvy organizations increase efficiency by leveraging the cloud while you were waiting for a more secure, affordable and technically feasible option?

Harnessing the power of The Cloud can significantly reduce the costs of your server, storage, web, and communication infrastructures, while also increasing productivity.

Zebra Digital Assets gives you the ability to securely leverage The Cloud by using ZPS files to:

  • Streamline partner and supplier interactions; e.g. faster and more secure sharing of requirements, specifications, legal contracts, blueprints, marketing plans, pricing …
  • Enhance customer service; e.g. paperless exchange of sensitive documents, direct statement delivery, transaction notifications…
  • Serve more customers with existing resources
  • Build new service offerings around targeted customer marketing and interactions

Now is the right time to Revisit The Cloud and empower your business.

Regulatory Compliance Refreshed

Zebra changes the rules, making privacy compliance a benefit instead of a burden. Use ZPS to speed up your work and improve compliance.

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Collaborate with Trust

Don’t change your work habits, simply make them secure. Sharing a ZPS with someone just once simplifies collaboration with them forever.

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Control Anytime

Share files freely to get your work done, but stay in control. See who has access to your files, and switch off access anytime you like.

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