Regulatory Compliance Refreshed

The Problem
Until now, compliance with Privacy and Security regulations often meant slowing down your work processes and increasing your costs. Problems included:

  • Pre-emptively setting up secure communication and collaboration processes with every recipient of a file (clients, employees, vendors, partners…)
  • Finding a way to protect the file at every stage
    • Protect it on email, instant message, physical courier, uploads and downloads
    • Protect it at storage points on your computer, recipient computers and intermediate points such as email servers, web-portals, cloud-storage and internet caches.
  • Repeatedly authenticate every recipient for every access
  • Combining the changes made by 2 people on the same version of the file
  • Re-distributing the new version, in a protected manner
  • Destroying the file upon completion or expiration of the project.

Even after a lot of work and expense, existing solutions still leave large gaps in compliance, as evidenced by the constant stream of news about client data lost by mature enterprises.

The Solution
Zebra’s Secure Collaboration using a ZPS (Zebra Portable Safe) eliminates or automates all these steps while the Zebra security architecture keeps your files encrypted and monitored through their entire lifecycle. Even when a ZPS file is lost to a rogue employee or vendor, you can revoke access or delete it remotely.

The Result
You speed up your work processes and save money, while your files become secure and compliant. It all stems from Zebra Digital Assets’ innovative design.

Collaborate with Trust

Don’t change your work habits, simply make them secure. Sharing a ZPS with someone just once simplifies collaboration with them forever.

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The Cloud Re-Imagined

Zebra empowers businesses to harness the power of the Cloud. Use ZPS to increase your efficiency and lower costs, while attracting and retaining clients with the assurance of security.

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Control Anytime

Share files freely to get your work done, but stay in control. See who has access to your files, and switch off access anytime you like.

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