Secure Sharing and Collaboration

Zebra’s solution consists of just two simple components:

Zebra Portable Safe (ZPS) file
A ZPS file contains the files and folders you want to protect. You can create as many ZPS files as you need, and each ZPS can contain as many files and folders as you want. You can open, share, move, copy, or delete a ZPS just like any other file, and you can store a ZPS anywhere.

ZPS Explorer
ZPS Explorer is the tool that lets you see the documents inside a ZPS file, create new ZPS files, and add, delete or modify the contents of a ZPS. Since it works very much like the Windows File Explorer, you can start using it right away. It will allow you to share ZPS files and define access rights for each file and folder in a ZPS.

Neutral Cloud

Innovation to protect your information in the cloud…our Cloud, your Cloud, anyone’s Cloud.

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Zebra Portable Safe

Give your information the gold standard of info-security, and set it free. Zebra simplifies the sharing of information like never before.

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Total Control

See who has access to your files and grant or revoke access at your whim, even after sending files outside your network.

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