Remote Control

With Zebra Digital Assets you have a remote control for your ZPS files. When your collaboration is finished, or if someone misbehaves you can discontinue their access to the ZPS file at any time. This revocation works across the board, whether the ZPS is on an online computer or on a USB drive.

ZPS gives you clear visibility into who has access to your files and folders, and allows you to quickly review access rights and add or remove people as needed. You can control access for an entire ZPS, a specific folder, or even a single file.

Trust the Cloud?

Zebra offers a truly secure way to store your data in the cloud. No one else can gain access to your data without your permission. Not even us!

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Security Simplified

No compromise on security. No passwords to remember or websites to visit. You simply grant access to your files and Zebra handles the rest.

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Collaborate without Clutter

Create, protect, share and collaborate on any type of file, anywhere. Without fuss and without a zillion versions being emailed back and forth.

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