Protecting your information is our business, but your information is none of our business!

At Zebra Digital Assets, our goal is to empower your most valuable asset: your data. We believe only YOU should have complete control over your data. That’s why we designed our products with two main ingredients:

  • The most powerful encryption and key management architectures available today, with the flexibility to upgrade into the future.
  • A passion to simplify. Zebra can extend the reach of your existing tools beyond business boundaries, without IT involvement.

Zebra started with a very basic idea: Security should help you share information, not get in the way. Yet everywhere we look, we see examples of security being a barrier, not an enabler. Zebra enables you to protect your information simply, conveniently and effectively, and share it with anyone securely.

Sharing information is a simple concept, yet there is no simple solution for sharing outside the security perimeter. The perimeter only protects what is inside, and does not protect information shared outside. Zebra’s simple tools protect your information at all times, no matter where it travels. A ZPS file (Zebra Portable Safe) works through the entire lifecycle of a document – creation, sharing, modification, storage, retrieval, and destruction or expiration.

Zebra facilitates the exchange of encrypted information as a true Neutral Host Solution, which means that Zebra has no access to any information being securely shared between users.