Collaborate without Clutter

Simply click to create a new ZPS, add your working files, share, and start collaborating with your team. Getting started with ZPS files and ZPS Explorer requires no IT department or complex configurations. Now you can strengthen your customer and supplier relationships through close, convenient collaboration. Because now you can.

Within a team, one person’s edits automatically appear in everyone else’s copy of the file. Multiple email versions cease to exist. You stay in sync with everyone involved, but retain full control of your files. Team leaders can delegate authority with complete flexibility as the team evolves. Zebra powers your productivity.

Collaborate with Convenience and Control.

Trust the Cloud?

Zebra offers a truly secure way to store your data in the cloud. No one else can gain access to your data without your permission. Not even us!

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Security Simplified

No compromise on security. No passwords to remember or websites to visit. You simply grant access to your files and Zebra handles the rest.

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Remote Control

Every ZPS file comes with a remote control. Now you can switch off someone’s access even after sharing your files, or losing your files offline… like a lost USB drive.

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