Collaborate with Trust

Collaboration in the real world is built on trust. The first step in developing a good working relationship is the proper allocation of roles and establishing trust. Once this step is completed, everyone knows their roles and can then work together with minimal friction.

Zebra works in much the same way. You first decide which ZPS files to share, who to share them with, and the type of access to grant for each file. When someone receives the ZPS file for the first time, a quick verification of identity is all it takes to join the team, and should they leave, you can disconnect their access with a single click. It works the same way for team-members whether inside or outside the company.

The Zebra Neutral Cloud also makes sure two people don’t overwrite each other’s work and keeps everyone’s copy synchronised, avoiding inbox clutter and saving time.

Regulatory Compliance Refreshed

Zebra changes the rules, making privacy compliance a benefit instead of a burden. Use ZPS to speed up your work and improve compliance.

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The Cloud Re-Imagined

Zebra empowers businesses to harness the power of the Cloud. Use ZPS to increase your efficiency and lower costs, while attracting and retaining clients with the assurance of security.

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Control Anytime

Share files freely to get your work done, but stay in control. See who has access to your files, and switch off access anytime you like.

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